Is Astrology A Real Science?

Astrology is a type of prophetic look into the future using the solar system and bodies in the sky. There are various types out there and by far most of the astrology that you'll find done is anything but real. Yet, true astrology is very perplexing because it can be very real. The celestial bodies can do many things like provide you with the ability to understand, to organize the knowledge, and to interpret the world around you. Often, it is said that the location of various bodies means something.

Traditionally, astrology is based on the relative positions and the movements of the celestial bodies (both real and non existent.) One of the main things that astrology claims to provide is an understanding of personality traits. It is believed that the positions of the celestial bodies in the sky influences many things such as your personality traits, your physical characteristics and even important things that will happen within your life. Some astrologers believe that each person has a predestined life and that that life can be reflected and told from the sky above.

Where did astrology come from? It is believed that the Western form of astrology originated in ancient Babylon and then spread to other nations and to other lands. It was found to be in Greece in the middle of the fourth century BC and then hit Rome before the Christian era began. From there, it spread throughout the world with the Roman Empire.

But, is it real? That is the question that many people want to know. While it is a controversial subject, there can be something to it. For example, for many people, by instilling in them a sense that something is going to happen almost makes it happen. And, for others allowing them to believe today will be a good day that it will be just that. But, often, even without any scientific proof, we can find that astrology is right on the money. While it is likely that astrology will not be able to prove that is works in a controlled study, those that have had astrology work for them believe none the less.

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Written By: T. Potter

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